Smartbids Affiliate program

In is not about to place the highest bid in an auction, but the lowest! The person who places the lowest unique bid wins the auction and buys the auctioned item at the lowest unique bid. Voltage is guaranteed during the whole duration of the auction, because you as a bidder only learns whether his bid is the lowest unique bid, a unique, but not the Lowest or neither. The winning bid will remain secret until the end of the auction for all (up to the Bidder of this commandment).

Rate of pay: 0.50 € per Registration

Order volume: Volume reached
Cookie-Lifetime: 90 Days
Rate: n/a %
Activation: ca. 33 Days
Duration until: 11.12.2009
Sub-ID Tracking: available
AdKlick Bonus: 0.00 EUR

Payment terms

Any valid register (free) at Smartbids is remunerated at 0.50 EUR. No Cancellations! Credit within one day!

Advertising medium

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