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AdKlick is a modern advertising network that arranges various affiliate programs for you to earn money with. Once you have registered as an advertising partner (publisher) and have entered your website(s), and our team has performed a brief review of your registration, you will be able to publish the various campaigns in our Program catalogue promote.

AdKlick combines a total of eight Advertising formats, that can be booked individually by advertisers (merchants). The active campaigns are displayed with their respective advertising mediums, such as banners and text links, and the terms, i.e. the advertising formats used, the Rate of pay and any payment criteria displayed in the Program catalogue so that you can decide, which campaign you would like to integrate into your website..


1. Registration as a new publisher

To be able to publish the various campaigns, you will need to register with AdKlick and create a new account. Both, the registration and the use of our advertising network, are completely free for you as a publisher - You are meant to earn money with the advertisements arranged through us.

2. Enter your advertising spaces

Once you have registered as a publisher, we will immediately send you your access details for the online section by e-mail. After you log in, you can add your website(s) through an online form. We will review every website and evaluate or classify it according to a ranking. This review usually takes up to 72 hours. You will receive immediate e-mail notification of the activation of your website.

3. Selection and implementation of suitable advertising campaigns

If you have selected a suitable campaign from our program catalogue, the terms, such as the advertising format, the rate of pay and any payment terms of each advertising medium, such as banners and text links, will be displayed. If your website is activated and you are logged in, you will find a box below each advertising medium that contains the appropriate HTML code, which you can integrate into the source text of your website.

4. Progress monitoring and payment

By including an advertisement the corresponding campaign is automatically assigned as an active program to your account and you can start analyzing monthly and daily statistics with impressions, clicks, and orders.
You can export these statistics and assign sub-ids for better traffic source control. If you donĀ“t want to promote a specific campaign any longer, just remove the advertisement from your adspace. All transactions will be credited to your account and you will receive your monthly payment once your account balance exceeds 15 EUR.