ClickBid Affiliate program

Clickbid auctioned brand new branded products in exciting live auctions at a bargain price. ClickBid is Mobile-Optimized and therefore easy to operate via smartphone and tablet.

Rate of pay: 1.00 € per Registration

Order volume: Volume reached
Cookie-Lifetime: 90 Days
Rate: n/a %
Activation: ca. 33 Days
Duration until: 14.12.2017
Sub-ID Tracking: available
AdKlick Bonus: 0.00 EUR

Payment terms

For each free and confirmed registration 1.00 EUR will be paid.

10% Sale commission BidPakete: 100 bids worth 50 ? returned 5 ? commission for the publisher.
220 bids worth 110 ? returns 11 ? commission for the publisher.
500 bids worth 250 ? gives ? 25 commission for the publisher.
1000 Bids worth 500 ? gives 50 ? commission for the publisher.
2000 Bids worth 1000 ? is 100 ? commission for the publisher.

Chargebacks are not reimbursed. No incentivierter traffic, no cashback. Completely inactive registrations, multiple registrations, fake registrations, registrations with false data, registrations with disposable e-mail addresses and inactive users will not be reimbursed.

Advertising medium

Die Werbemittel des Partnerprogramms sind nicht mehr verfügbar.