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We produce precious cosmetic raw materials, which are obtained from wild jungle plants. The raw materials are natural and are carefully processed below 40 ° C. Our products include only ingredients from genetically pure plants that have been collected from the wild in real biodiversity hotspots thanks to the secret knowledge of our indigenous partners. Only the best for the industry, the health food store and your end customers!

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Welcome to Amazon commodities - We are pleased that you would like to recommend for sustainability and felt good products. We collect up to 10% per sale / Sell by promoting our products. Have fun sustainable moneymaking.

save the rainforest! You know perhaps: Many consumers great uncertainty in the use of industrially produced preparations. Constantly the same advertising phrases and the effect lasts there are often limited.

Good conditions for our products, because these Action speaks louder and inner values. So when partners they have no promise you the moon and can confidently look in the mirror. Your customers will appreciate our unique quality and competitors are kept at a distance.

Moreover convince our products after only a few applications by its purity and density of active ingredient. The customers feel the product immediately, the advice is simple and therefore also on sale. At the same time you satisfy the desire for security, tangible results and the need to actively make a difference in terms of sustainability.

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