extraenergie Affiliate program

Extra energy has nationwide unbeatable prices for electricity and gas! But not only that! We offer 100% green electricity from renewable sources and climate-neutral natural gas.

Payment per Lead: 19.00 € + 1.00 € = 20.00 €
Order volume: Volume reached
Cookie-Lifetime: 90 Days + Fingerprint
Rate: n/a %
Activation: ca. 33 Days
Duration until: unlimited
Sub ID tracking: available
AdKlick Bonus: 1.00 EUR

Payment terms

For each new customer mediated the partner receives a commission in the amount of 19, - Euro. A right to compensation exists only if a contract exists with the customer you refer, which has not been revoked within the statutory cancellation period.

Advertising medium

The advertising mediums of this affiliate program are no longer available
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