Gratisprobe Centrum

Gratisprobe Centrum Affiliate program

The body of a woman must often go to the extreme and the need for additional nutrients increases significantly. For women who want to do more, there are now new Centrum Materna plus DHA. Already one capsule a day makes a significant contribution - especially among women who want children, pregnant and lactating women

Rate of pay: 2.00 € per Registration

Order volume: Volume reached
Cookie-Lifetime: 90 Days
Rate: n/a %
Activation: ca. 33 Days
Duration until: 12.09.2010
Sub-ID Tracking: available
AdKlick Bonus: 0.00 EUR

Payment terms

For every Unsolicited Free sample of Centrum Materna DHA plus you receive a fee of 2.00 EUR. Valid only completely and correctly filled records of women within Germany. Duplicate entries or incorrect addresses will not be reimbursed. No application in Paidmail or other bonus systems!

Advertising medium

The advertising mediums of this affiliate program are no longer available
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