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Frequently asked questions on getting started:

The advertising formats offered by AdKlick can be grouped into traffic adverts (AdView/Layer/PopDown), AdClick adverts, as well as performance related advertisement (lead/sale/lifetime).

Traffic adverts (AdView/Layer/PopDown) are charged per impression and should be used for short-term promotions aiming to attract high levels of awareness among visitors. Due to the payment being made per impression, this advertising format is very popular with the advertising partners and you will reach a high number of visitors of medium quality, given that the adverts are spread more broadly.

AdClick adverts are charged per click on the advertising medium and are equally suited to short-term and long-term promotions. Our manual activation ensures that your adverts only appear on websites that have at least 1,000 visitors per day, a top-level domain and that are not subject to special terms (no Paid4). The quality of the visitors is therefore higher than with traffic adverts, which is taken account of in the applicable rates of pay.

A performance related affiliate program (lead/sale/lifetime) is intended for long-term cooperation and set up for at least one month. Payment is linked to a pre-defined action, such as a registration or a sale and commission is paid either as a fixed amount per deal (registration) or as a percentage (sale). Please note that, unlike with other advertising formats, you will need to have access to the source text of the offer to be advertised, as a tracking pixel has to be integrated to capture the referrals correctly.

Please take a look at the information on each advertising format given below!
AdKlick does not apply a separate application procedure for your new affiliate program. All websites of our advertising partners are centrally and manually reviewed by an AdKlick team member at the point of registration, classified by rank and activated.

We thereby ensure that erotic websites are kept separate from non-erotic advertisements (exceptions are possible on request) and that certain basic conditions (contact details and legal notice, no site in construction, no violation of applicable laws) are met.

While the advertising formats lead/sale/lifetime/pop down/layer can be advertised by any activated advertising partner, the advertising formats AdClick/AdView are reserved for those advertising partners that further own a top level domain, are not subject to special terms and have at least 1,000 visitors per day.

Your new program will be presented to our 25,000 advertising partners in the program catalogue, as well as our newsletters. If the website of our advertising partner is activated for your advertising format, he can decide whether or not the target audience is in line with his site and integrate the advertising mediums.

You will subsequently be able to monitor the advertising locations or websites precisely in your online section and to contact or block the advertising partner. You are more than welcome to contact us with your desired target group. We will then send you some sample pages of our advertising partners by e-mail. This does not, however, guarantee that these advertising partners will integrate your advertisement.
You will need to supply the advertising mediums (banners/texts), which you would like the AdKlick advertising partners to publish on your behalf. Without advertising mediums, your website can only be loaded in the ""PopDown"" advertising format.

AdKlick facilitates the use of all graphics formats (JPG/GIF/PNG), Adobe Flash (SWF), as well as HTML/JavaScript/RichMedia codes in your banners. You are also able to upload an unlimited amount of advertising banners in any given size, as well as text links for your chosen advertising format.

Please note that when setting up a new campaign, an initial advertising medium in JPG/GIF/PNG file format may need to be entered. Please contact our support team, if you would like to use Flash/HTML/JavaScript banner codes.
The AdKlick advertising network has a membership of around 25,000 advertising partners of different sizes and with different target groups, operating both in the non-erotic, as well as the erotic sector.

The theoretical combined scope of these websites is in excess of 150 million Adimpressions per month.

In line with affiliate guidelines, programs are not necessarily displayed on the websites. Each AdKlick advertising partner is free to decide, whether or not your new campaign or affiliate program is attractive to him and suited to the context of his website. If it is, he can integrate it directly.

This makes it impossible for us to predict the duration or volume you can expect from your campaign. The precise advertising locations and the resulting scope and duration can only be accurately determined, once your campaign is running.

To book a lead/sale/lifetime program, please create a merchant account


Volume of bookingPrice / AdView (net)Total amount (net)
50.000 Stk. 0.002 EUR 100.00 EUR Order!
100.000 Stk. 0.0018 EUR 180.00 EUR Order!
250.000 Stk. 0.0017 EUR 425.00 EUR Order!
500.000 Stk. 0.0016 EUR 800.00 EUR Order!
1.000.000 Stk. 0.0015 EUR 1,500.00 EUR Order!


Volume of bookingPrice / AdClick (net)Total amount (net)
1.000 Stk. 0.2 EUR 200.00 EUR Order!
2.500 Stk. 0.19 EUR 475.00 EUR Order!
5.000 Stk. 0.18 EUR 900.00 EUR Order!
10.000 Stk. 0.17 EUR 1,700.00 EUR Order!


Volume of bookingPrice / PopDown (net)Total amount (net)
25.000 Stk. 0.005 EUR 125.00 EUR Order!
50.000 Stk. 0.0045 EUR 225.00 EUR Order!
100.000 Stk. 0.004 EUR 400.00 EUR Order!
500.000 Stk. 0.0035 EUR 1,750.00 EUR Order!


Volume of bookingPrice / Layer (net)Total amount (net)
25.000 Stk. 0.006 EUR 150.00 EUR Order!
50.000 Stk. 0.0055 EUR 275.00 EUR Order!
100.000 Stk. 0.005 EUR 500.00 EUR Order!
500.000 Stk. 0.0045 EUR 2,250.00 EUR Order!