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Simple, efficient and safe - an overview of your benefits:

  • 40.000 Affiliate and more than 2.500 campaigns since 2002
  • Target group advertising with over 25 categories
  • Country specific traffic with Geo-IP filter
  • Any number of campaigns with only one account
  • AdViews, AdClicks, PopDowns, Layer, Lead, Sale and Lifetime
  • Flash, HTML, VideoAds, Rich-Media in different sizes und formats
  • Fraud-detection and detailed statistics
  • No setup-costs, no monthly fees, short contracts

High volume advertising spaces

More than 50.000 publishers with over 120.000 advertising spaces are waiting for your campaign. combines high volume internet portals, private homepage, video-blogs and social media websites.

With over 60 millionen ad-Impressions per month just in German market, AdKlick reaches a high proportion of the daily internet users. Whether you want to promote your offer to a large audience or just an innovative niche product to small target group - our AdKlick publishers have definitely the right audience for your campaign.

Whether classic desktop traffic for the computer or laptop, or apps, software, videos on the move on tablets or other mobile devices - advertising with AdKlick has no limits.

High volume advertising spaces
Control your campaign

Control your campaign

At AdKlick you specify with a Geo-IP Targeting , in which countries your campaign needs to be delivered. You can determine what devices are allowed to display your ads or if you want to exclude certain content or sources (such as erotic or social media).

Within the statistics, you can track which websites your advertisements were placed in real time and block the relevant adspace if necessary with 2 mouse-clicks.

Contact your advertising partners at any time with the internal messaging system and set individual compensation for each publisher for more flexibility and efficiency.

Trust is good - control is better

With AdKlick you can precisely analyze each advertising event. Impressions, clicks, and orders are displayed graphically and listed with various filters - of course real-time without delay. All data can be exported for your own reports in different formats. AdKlick API interfaces enable the connection to your own in-house solutions.

Of course AdKlick you are not on your own after starting a campaign: Our staff is checking your campaign permanently for problems such as fraud. our software evaluates not only IP addresses, devices, browser and ISP, but also analyzes the user navigation, events and the interaction of the visitors in form cursor-monitoring and time intervals. AdKlick uses the most advanced fraud-detection available.

Trust is good - control is better
More than 8 advertising formats

More than 8 advertising formats

No matter whether a performance-based lead (fixed payment per registration), sale (percentage pay per sale), a lifetime partner program, a classic click campaign, traffic in the form of popdowns or layers or context-based advertisements – AdKlick combines all conventional forms of advertising, techniques, and billing models in one platform.

As advertising material you can use Rich media content such as videos or HTML5 files or classic image banner or text ads - of course unlimited in number and size and with any forwarding targets or landing pages.

Support you long-term partner program with another short-term advertising format such as layer or popdown campaigns. Manage, analyze and optimize all running campaign with just one central account.

Over 14 years experience in online-marketing

AdKlick exists since 2002 and is therefore one of the first affiliate networks in German-speaking countries. After about 2,500 successfully completed campaigns and affiliate programs, we know what are the requirements for a successful campaign.

We now know all the tricks, issues and opportunities in affiliate marketing and develop constantly new tools and features to address the growing market of online advertising with new innovations and improvements.

Over 13 years experience in online-marketing
Costs? Your revenue is our compensation

Costs? Your revenue is our compensation

With AdKlick there are no setup-costs or monthly fees.

You determine the payout per registration, sale, click or impression by yourself. From this payment, we get a transparent network commission of 20 percent. The remaining 80 percent are pay out directly to the affiliate. There are no extra charges for your campaign or program. Newsletter or internal recommendation are included. No fees for support or any other hidden costs.

At AdKlick, there are no exclusivity clauses, no minimum contract runtime. It makes no sense, if you are dissatisfied or have to pay extra for the presentation of your campaign to publishers - the success of your campaign at AdKlick is also our success as a network.

AdKlick is safe

At AdKlick we rely neither on external software solutions, nor we load user information to servers in a cloud.

Our servers including backup systems are located in Germany and therefore fulfill the strict requirements of both TMG and BDSG . The software has been developed in-house and is constantly updated by our customers needs. Thereby AdKlick has become an intuitive and outstanding promotional platform for marketing beginners and experts.

Let us convince you of our high-performance platform and start your AdKlick affiliate program today.

AdKlick is safe

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