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AdKlick advertising formats

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Advertising formats


The AdClick advertising format is charged per click onto a specific advertising medium, such as a banner or a text link.

Rate of pay 0.12 EUR - 0.30 EUR per click


The AdView advertising format superimposes a swim banner onto a website. The advertising banner enters the screen as a layer at the top, remains in this position for about 30 seconds and then exits the screen.

Rate of pay 0.35 EUR - 0.75 EUR CPM


PopDowns are background windows that automatically open in the background when the visitor clicks on the website in any given position and it does not superimpose on any content.

Rate of pay 3.00 EUR - 6.00 EUR CPM


Per sale agreements involve the single payment of a percentage of any realised sales.

The rate of pay differs between affiliate programs.


InTextAds highlight certain keywords within existing content/texts as links, which are linked to suitable adverts.

They are charged per click on the advertising medium.


Layers are advertising elements of a maximum size of 650x450 pixels, which are superimposed onto a website, when it is called up and needs to be closed by the visitor.

Rate of pay 4.00 EUR - 10.00 EUR CPM


Per lead agreements are a performance related advertising format, where payment of a fixed amount is made per previously defined action, such as a registration or a sale.

Rate of pay min. 0.50 EUR per registration


The lifetime advertising format involves the permanent share of profits realised from referred customer.

The rate of pay differs between affiliate programs.