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20.338 Publisher / Affiliates

Earn money as a publisher
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Up to 20 cent/ AdClick, up to 10 EUR/CPM traffic
Layer, PopDown and context based advertising mediums
Attractive lead, sale and lifetime program
Monthly pay-out from 15 EUR credit

1.932 Merchants / Advertisers

Book advertisement as a merchant
High quality traffic with Geo-IP targeting
More than 10 different advertising formats to choose from
AdClick, AdView, Layer, PopDown, Context adverts
Lead, sale and lifetime affiliate programs
Detailed evaluation with export function
Separate advertisement of erotic content possible


New programs

WM Incentive Gewinnspiel Affiliate program17.04.2014
Lead € 0.90
WM Incentive
Last Chaos Affiliate program17.04.2014
Lead € 1.80
Last Chaos
Zamaro Affiliate program16.04.2014
Lead € 2.00
WM Pro Gewinnspiel Affiliate program16.04.2014
Lead € 2.00
WM Pro Gewinn

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